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COVID-19 Information

Please refer back to this page often, as we shall update it as circumstances require.


  • We  are open under the traffic light system and apply the rules attached to each level.  Anti-virus hygiene precautions and contact tracking signs are in place 
  • We are not at risk of long-term closure except in the event one or both of us contracting the virus in a serious form.
  • Should you have questions or concerns about how we are addressing the evolving issues of the day in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and its economic and practical effects on our day-to-day operations, please make contact.

For updated government supplied details please review the latest COVID-19 information and advice: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus

And travel advisory website: https://www.safetravel.govt.nz/news/covid-19-coronavirus



Our COVID Cleaning Process

 Marino Ridge has adopted all prescribed measures to assure the safe clean operation of our property and hence the health and safety of our staff and hosts

  • We have been double vaccinated
  • We wash and disinfect our hands, then apply clean gloves and masks
  • Windows/sliding doors are opened to ventilate during the clean
  • Suites are vacuumed, dusted and floors scrubbed or mopped before cleaning and sanitising
  • Dishes are washed and dried in the dishwasher on the highest temperature setting
  • Hard surfaces are soaped and wiped down
  • Separate pre-washed cloths are used for general and bathroom areas
  • High touch surfaces are sprayed or wiped with antibacterial cleaners
  • We check our Checklist to ensure that all areas are cleaned and sanitised
  • We safely dispose of or wash cleaning supplies and protective gear, then clean and sanitise equipment.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Special Terms and Conditions:

The decision to travel and book is yours, accepted by us in good faith on the clear basis you have taken account responsibly of all factors including your health and safety and that of others before committing yourself and us to the booking. 

While we absolutely respect your decision to cancel we believe it is not our responsibility to suffer the financial consequences of your decision.

We must initially consider each cancellation due directly or indirectly to the pandemic in much the same way as any other cancellation: we have only three rooms and cancellations hit us very hard. 

Therefore our cancellation policies will be operated and effected as normal, except that

  • If the cancellation is a direct result of government travel restriction relating to the pandemic we will of course at your choice either modify the booking to mutually suitable dates or refund deposits;
  • Modify: if mutually suitable dates cannot be found within the rate period originally booked we will hold your rate if lower for up to 90 days into the new rate period;
  • for revised date choices beyond the 90 day limit you undertake to pay the rate difference between periods if greater and we will adjust charges down appropriately if lower;
  • Refund: if the refund path is chosen any deposits paid will be refunded nett of bank or transaction fees, if any.

    It is a condition of your booking that you undertake not to travel if you or any one of your party exhibits or is exposed to symptoms of or similar to COVID-19. If before you arrive here you or any close contact exhibits or is exposed to COVID-19 symptoms please immediately seek medical assistance and guidance, do not travel; do self-isolate.  To maintain our guests' safety and our own please do not proceed to Waiheke Island or to Marino Ridge.

To avoid doubt, you must cancel in these circumstances and you become liable for the standard cancellation fees.

If having read these requirements you remain unsure or if questions arise, please ask.


Practical issues:

  • Now we are in the Traffic light System we are fully open for business.
  • We maintain impeccable standards of room and house cleanliness and hygiene and provide alcohol-based hand cleansers throughout to assist your personal maintenance of COVID-19 hygiene requirements.
  • Please abide by the now usual guidelines of personal behaviour and spacing throughout your stay.
  • It is absolutely your responsibility if you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms (see below) or are exposed to a carrier to immediately seek medical assistance and guidance.
  • Please self-isolate before travel and, to maintain our safety, please do not proceed to Waiheke Island or to Marino Ridge.
  • We treat each cancellation due to the pandemic in the same general way as any other cancellation: we have only three rooms offering very high standards of comfort, luxury and service; late cancellations hit us very hard.
  • If you get sick within one month of arriving in New Zealand please seek medical advice as soon as you can. Telephone the free HEALTHLINE 0800 611 116 or contact a doctor. It is very important to tell them you have recently been outside New Zealand.
  • The decision to travel is yours and, while we will always respect your choice to subsequently cancel, it is not our responsibility to suffer the financial consequences of your cancellation decision.  See cancellation policy detail here

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