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Spa & Massage Treatments

Indulge yourself: take time out in our private guest treatment zone where, alone or as a couple, you can choose from a range of deluxe massage and facial options offered by our experienced massage therapists. Our facilities are only available to our guests: we hold strongly to the principle that we protect their continued privacy...

You've travelled hours to get here.  And you've worked yourself to a frazzle preparing for your holiday.  You're bone tired.  Well, there's no better way to relax and get yourself zoned into the magic that is Marino Ridge and Waiheke Island than to indulge in the option of one or several of our amazing therapies.  They are special; so are our therapists:


Therapeutic Massage

Whether you wish to unwind with a rhythmic full body relaxing massage or prefer a deeper focus on accumulated tension in specific areas of the body, we encourage you to choose the duration and allow your therapist to personalise this massage to meet your needs.  Magical...

1 hour          $165
1.5 hours     $235                Maternity Massage available on request.


Traveller’s Recovery Massage

Forget jet lag and travel tension with this relaxing yet uplifting treatment which uses massage, pressure points, hot rolled compresses and essential oils to clear sinuses and tiredness and soothe away the stresses from your back, neck and shoulders.  Inspired zen...

1 hour          $170
1.5 hours     $240                includes full body massage


Paradise Pampering

This exquisite, indulgent treatment includes a gentle, skin-softening back scrub, warm compresses, a therapeutic back massage and mini holistic facial.  Paradise found...

1 hour          $175
1.5 hours     $250                includes full body massage


Facial Bliss

Enjoy a luxurious organic facial with wonderfully fragrant products and hot compresses, firming face massage plus a complete neck and scalp massage and arm and hand treatment.  Chasing Nirvana...

1 hour          $205                   
1.5 hours     $275                 includes back massage  



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